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History / DCU Football

Established 2001

Following the phasing out of Police Divisions and the subsequent amalgamation of the Station Football League into the PSNIFA Divisional League, the all new District Command Unit Football League structure was established in the 2001/02 Season.

Although some of the District Command Units were smaller in size and stature than others, the league identified that some could not enter a team under their own name and title. It was agreed that these smaller DCU's could amalgamate with neighbouring Command Units in order to facilitate those members who wished to play association football within the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

In March 2002 a draft format outlining the proposed structure was subsequently approved at the Annual General Meeting, which saw DCU teams competing within their respective regional structures, i.e. North, South and Urban Regions.

This format was to identify the strongest teams in each region who in turn would form the 1st Division of the new DCU League structure. Teams finishing first and second in each of the three Police Regions were automatically entered into the top flight. The Teams who finished 3rd in each region entered into a 'round robin' competition in order to see who would take up the final position in the First Division.

All the remaining DCU Teams formed the 2nd and 3rd Divisions with Promotion and relegation operating in all three leagues.

Trophies from both the Divisional and Station League structures were introduced into the new league format with the more historic and prestigious Cups utilized for the' blue ribbon' competitions.

The Three Division league remained for a number of seasons when due to operational and geographical difficulties with teams travelling long distances to fulfill league fixtures it was therefore decided once again to regionalise and revert back to its original structure.

The District Command Unit Football League continues to provide a recreational and valuable outlet amongst the members within the PSNI.

Over this short time under the new name and title, the DCU Football League has represented the Police Service of Northern Ireland at the 2003 Barcelona and 2005 Quebec City, World Police and Fire Games following on the great tradition from the Station Football League who won Team Bronze at the 1997 World Police & Fire Games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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